Babe Ruth’s first Home Run with the Yankees

The year 1920 was the first year George Herman “Babe” Ruth played for the Yankees baseball team. May 1 was his first home run with the ball club, and the number 50 of his career. The ball was hit out of the park at the Polo Grounds, which is a ballpark that is no longer in existence. This was a ballpark in New York City that had multiple locations and was home to four different teams who would use it. This was over a period of time though many years there would be more than one team calling it their home. But this, my friends, is another story, for another day.

Ruth was bought from the Red Sox in January of that year for $125,000, which ironically was the team this particular home run was hit against. Many people do not know that he was originally meant to be a pitcher. Ruth pitched 1221 innings, 30 of which were with the Yankees. He also doubled as outfielder some days, but eventually stopped pitching and became one of the greatest home run hitters to ever put a jersey on. And even with another 664 home runs to go, for his 714 total at the end of his career that lasted 22 years, this was his first with the Yankees. The New York Yankees is what he is remembered and celebrated for.

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