Diane Crump- The Original Kentucky Derby Girl

Hi everyone, I am currently under the burden of finals week at school, and missed the last two days of posting. I will try to get caught up as soon as possible.

On May 2, 1970, a barrier was broken by Diane Crump. She became the first woman to be a jockey in the Kentucky Derby. She was also the first woman to compete in a pari-mutuel race, or race where betting takes place. She is an inspiration to women who are entering the sport and is always willing to give advice when they contact her. She was not given much for a changing room either, normally just a closet or small room to change.

Most women were still in the kitchen making dinner for their families while Crump fought the social norm so she could do what she loved. Some people even said it would be the end of the sport, but luckily  it was not. It was commonly thought that women would not be able to handle the pressure of a fast pace race. People would heckle her telling her that she did not belong but, once the race started people did not seem to care that there was a girl in the pink jockey suit on the track.

The horse she rode for the Kentucky Derby, Fathom, helped bring Crump to a 15th place finish out of a field of 17 riders.  Crump had a dream and she followed it, and like many women of the era she had to fight against the male dominated society but in the end she was successful. Since she retired she has trained and bred horses to keep up with her passion.

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