Phillies take Braves in…20?

On May 4, 1973 the Philadelphia Phillies hosted the Atlanta Braves at Veteran’s Stadium in a game that would last 20 innings. The 10,000 fans sat through a measly five hours and 16 minutes. The winning pitcher, Jim Lonborg was on the mound for the last two innings of the game. He only let one hit through, but no one got home safe. Losing pitcher, Tom Kelley let one run score off of two hits in the bottom of the final inning of the game.

The Braves seemed to have an advantage starting out with two runs in the second inning, but the Phillies caught up in the eighth. No player would safely cross home plate until the 13 inning, when both teams scored two more runs, leaving the score tied at four. After hours of anticipation the bottom of the 20 inning came and the first batter, Denny Doyle, hit a triple to right field. The next two batters were intentionally walked, and finally Jose Pagan hit the ball to left field, allowing Doyle score and end the marathon game.

The game ended with the Phillies on top with five runs, nine hits and four errors. The Braves finished with four runs, 17 hits and one error.

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