Padres retire #35

On May 9, 1997 the San Diego Padres honored left-handed pitcher Randy Jones with a ceremony to retire his number, 35. A major milestone took place in 1976. He had become the first player in the Padres franchise to win the Cy Young award which is given to the best pitcher in the American League as well as the National League at the end of every season. The season consisted of 22 wins and 14 losses which included 25 complete games, and his second consecutive trip to the All-Star game. By the end of his carer he set a number of pitching records that still stand strong. The records he still holds are 18 shutout games, 71 complete games, 253 starts, and 1,765 innings pitched.

When he was perusing his pitching career he was so popular with fans that the would get a standing ovation when he walked to the mound to start a game. His popularity did not stop when he retired. He has gone on to open a barbecue restaurant in Petco Park where his team plays where he sticks around to talk to the fans that remember him playing. He also talks to the younger fans who do not remember him, and at times have trouble believing that he was once working as a baseball player on the field.

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