Mickey Mantle hits three

Friday, May 13, 1955 turned into a lucky day when New York Yankees switch hitting slugger Mickey Mantle hit three home runs. Not only did the trio of long balls occur in the same game but in consecutive at bats. The home game for the Yankees was counted as a 5-2 win against the Detroit Tigers, with Mantle getting all of the teams RBI’s.

The first two long balls were hit with a lefty stance off of Tigers right handed pitcher Steve Gromek in the first and fifth inning. The third was hit from a right handed stance and took place in the eighth inning against lefty Bob Miller. His fourth at bat did not disappoint either, as he managed to get on base for a fourth time.

Mantle went on to join the 500 home run club on May 14, 1967. He finished his carer after the 1968 season with a total of 536 home runs and is remembered as one of the greatest. The Yankees retired the number seven in 1969 in a ceremony that included another Yankee legend, Joe DiMaggio, presented Mantle with a plaque that would be put on the outfield wall. He was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974 where he is eternally remembered as one of the greats in the world of Major League Baseball.

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