Original six teams play for Lord Stanley’s Cup

On May 14, 1977 the Boston Bruins lost to the Montreal Canadiens in game four of the Stanley Cup finals. The original six face off was won by Montreal in a four game sweep. The Conn Smythe trophy was awarded to Guy Lafleur of the Canadiens as the most valuable player through the course of the four games and had the most points accumulated as well as the third most goals scored throughout the ’77 playoffs. Lafleur was also chosen by the Professional Hockey Writers’ association to receive the Hart Memorial trophy.

This rare occurrence is also taking place right now with the Boston Bruins taking on the Chicago Blackhawks. There was an original six finals every year from 1928 to 1967, which was only because other teams were not added to the National Hockey League until the middle of the 1960’s. Since then original six Stanley Cup finals have taken place in the years 1971 to 73 and 77 to 79. This historic series has had record viewership because of the slim chance that two teams that have been around since the beginning of the NHL’s existence would meet for a chance to compete for their names to be added to the list of players who had the chance to hoist the cup.

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