NBA Rookie of Year

As a Chicago area native I occasionally feel obligated highlight my sports figures or events that can be associated with the teams I follow. An example of this is May 16, 1985; the beginning of a dynasty was brought to light when Bulls’ guard Michael Jordan was named the National Basketball Association’s Rookie of the Year. He hailed from North Carolina State, home of the Tar Heels, where he played a major role in bringing his school the NCAA championship as a freshman. He was also recognized as College Player of the Year his last year in college hoops, 1984.

Jordan’s rookie year set high expectations for the young player, and he did nothing short of answering when called upon with his signature slam dunk. He accumulated over thirty-two thousand points accumulated over his exceptional career counting both regular season and post season play.

There were numerous records that Jordan was able to break through the course of his career. Some of the records were for all NBA players which included number of titles won and average points earned in a playoff game. He also had records with the Bulls like most regular season points. To cap all of his achievements off many of the records he set are still on top or close to the top of the charts now, and it all started with Rookie of the Year.

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