Here come the All-Stars

On May 18, 1933, an announcement was made by Major League Baseball saying that the first ever All-Star Game would be held at the Chicago Worlds Fare. It was set to take place at Comiskey Park on July 6, and would display the American League going against the National League. Baseball had grown in popularity and was already being concerted America’s favorite pastime. What better time to showcase the sport and its finest players than the Colombian Exposition.

Big names like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were a part of the star studded lineup of players that would be showcased with the whole world watching. This was a big deal for some players who did not get to see people like Ruth play since they were in the National League and did not play games against him.

“We wanted to see the Babe,” said Bill Hallahan, the National League starter. “Sure, he was old and had a big waistline, but that didn’t make any difference. We were on the same field as Babe Ruth.”

The American League won the game 4-2, and as always Babe Ruth showed off his abilities by hitting a home run. The game was a success and has been played every year since then except for 1945. The winning team now gets home field advantage for the World Series.

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