#13 for the win

On May 20, 1946, Chicago Cubs right handed pitcher Claude Passeau  ended a record setting 273 chance streak of errorless chances that started Sept. 21, 1941.

Passeau started his carrier with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1935. His record consisted of zero wins and one loss, and to cap that off his ERA was 12. He went on to play for the Philadelphia Phillies for just over three seasons where his record was 38-55. Once he was officially with the Cubs his carrier started to take off in the other direction. He accumulated 13 wins and nine losses with the Cubs in 1939, and he would only improve from there. In 1940, his first full season with the ball club, his record was 20-13.

Passeau’s was able to help the team get to its most recent World Series appearance in 1945. He accumulated 17 wins and nine losses over the course of 34 games. He let 70 runs slip through while striking out 98 batters. He pitched in game three when the Cubs won 3-0, and in game six and the team helped him hold on to a 8-7 win. The hard fraught battle of the series ended when the Detroit Lions had four wins, and the Cubs were left with three. The Lions left the Cubs in the dust for game seven at Wrigley Field. The final score was 9-3. Ironically the number on his jersey was 13 for a majority of his 13 year carrier, even when he was a Cub. The Mississippi native was inducted into the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame in 1964.  Passeau never had his name put on a plaque in Cooperstown.

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