A day at the Races

On May 23, 1873, the first ever Preakness stakes race was held thanks to Oden Bowie, who was Governor of Maryland until 1872.

The opening race was held with a dinner party in 1870. Ever since then the three-year-old palomino’s are featured at the annual event at the track named for the winner of the opening night mile and a half race, Pimlico. The colt’s owner,Milton H. Sanford , hosted the dinner party where Bowie originally came up with the idea of the race track. My Maryland, the colt owned by Bowie came in last.

Surprisingly, an anti-gambling movement took down Las Vegas alongside many other places. There were only two states that still allowed betting, this was Maryland and Kentucky, where the Kentucky Derby is still held at Churchill Downs.

The race can be viewed anally at the same arena in Baltimore, and many horses have won fame from racing there. Some of these famed colts include Man ‘o War, Sir Barton, War Admiral and Cigar. But, none of the colts reached such fame as Seabiscut who had a 2003 feature film showing the obstacles he had to go through to become a champion. The Preakness races have been a creator of fame and fortune as well as a form of entertainment for young and old. It is a place where memories of triumph and defeat have come to life for so many people, and is recognizably a part of the American story.

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