Mel Ott the Great

On May 26, 1946, New York Giants great, Mel Ott put his bat down after starting the worst season in his hall of fame career.

Throughout his years as a right fielder and third baseman, Ott held a .304 batting average, which helped his team get three World Series appearances and grabbed a ring in 1933. In the ’46 season he was granted 68 at bats where he generated five hits and scored two runs. The slow start to the season put him on the bench and eventually landed him in the managerial position.

In his prime, Ott hit 511 home runs that put him in the rankings with the greats like Babe Ruth on the field. He started his 22 years on the field right out of high school, and he never left the Giants. John McGraw was manager of the Giants at the time.

Ott’s talents were so promising at the age of 17 that he was forbidden to do any sports outside of pro baseball. Even the minor leagues were dangerous because of the threat of changing his style.  The former star stepped up to become the unsuccessful manager of the team. His spot was quickly taken by Dodgers manager, Leo Durocher in an extremely controversial change of scenery for the rival teams.

Almost every year was successful for Ott, and even though his last was not par for the course, he is remembered as one of the greats in the sport of baseball.

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