A 10 RBI day

On May 27, 1955, the Boston Red Sox beat the Washington Senators 16-0 thanks to first baseman Norm Zauchin who hit three home runs and a double resulting in 10 runs batted in. There have only been 13 players who have brought in 10 or more runs. The record of 12 is held by Jim Bottomley and Mark Whiten who both played for St. Louis.

The Michigan native started playing Major League Baseball after he was picked up in the amateur draft in 1948 by the Boston Red Sox. He did not take the field until ’51 when he got the chance to play in five games. In this first year of play he was granted 12 at bats that gave him two hits and resulted in no runs. He did not play again until the ’55 season.

In 1955 Zauchin was a runner up for the pristine Rookie of the Year award. He was on the field for 130 games and pulled 93 RBIs and 65 runs out of his 447 at bats. This was by far his most successful season in his career. The Red Sox kept him until the end of the ’57 season when he was picked up by the Senators for ’58 and ’59. After spending a year in the minors Zauchin retired from baseball at the age of 29.


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