Let the game begin

On July 20, 1858, the All New York Nine took on the All Brooklyn Nine in the first baseball game that ever charged admission.

Approximately 4,000 people paid the 50 cent fee to be admitted into the stadium. The money went to charges for preparing the grounds. The game was held at the Fashion Race Course on Long Island. Nine players were chosen to represent each of the cities in an all-star style face off. There was a need to accommodate the massive migration to the grounds. Extra ferries and trains were put into use to speed up the process of getting the mass of people from one place to another.

New York took the 22-18 win home for the first of three games played on the grounds by the rival cities. This was a major turning point in baseball history. The game demonstrated the popularity of the sport. Soon after players started to be recognized by the press and started receiving nicknames.  The players became celebrities as they got into skirmishes both on and off the field to defend the honor of their team. Brooklyn took game two in a 29-8 domination.

The first baseball game to charge admission was a star studded success and should be thought of as one of the most important games ever played because without this game we might not have America’s favorite pastime.


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