Welcome to Shea Stadium

On July 27, 1959, New York lawyer William Shea announced his decision to bring another professional baseball team to New York.

Since the Yankees were already getting attention as the city’s American League team, Shea thought there was a need for a National League team. A new stadium had to be built. It would be named after Shea.

The idea would lead to the beginning of a journey. Ground was broken to begin the construction of the iconic Shea Stadium in 1961. It took two years to construct the ballpark because of harsh winters and some worker strikes. The Mets finally got their first game in on April 17, 1964. The ballpark was home to the New York Mets until September 28, 2008 when it was closed for good. Those years were not short of memories and stories to come from.

There were a number of major events that took place included a 1965 Beatles concert. The band played again in ’66. A number of other popular artists performed there including and the Rolling Stones who ended up playing six shows in 1989. Aside from numerous musical talents going in and out the football team, The Jets , played there until they could get their own stadium. The Mets were also world champions in 1969 and 1986.

Shea was also involved in getting the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, where the New York Islanders host their home hockey games.


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