Jack Nicklaus wins U.S. Senior Golf Open

On July 28, 1991, pro golfer Jack Nicklaus won the U.S. Senior Open.

Throughout his career Nicklaus won the Amature Open, U.S, Open, and the Sr. Open. The great Arnold Palmer is the only other golfer to have held all three titles at some point in his career.

Nicklaus’ experience at the Senior Open brought him two wins. One was in ’91 and the other was in ’93. He made 12 starts in the tournament. He started his journey in ’91 with five birdies in the first eight holes. After the third round he trailed by one stroke, tied for second. Lee Trevino ended up with a bogey at the 17th hole. Nicklaus finished tied for first with Chi Chi Rodriguez after shooting five under par in the fourth round.

Nicklaus started in 594 PGA events, he made the final cut for 506 of them.  Of the 286 times he made the top ten, he claimed 73 tour wins. A record setting 20 of the wins were major championships. These wins include the Amateur Championship, the Masters and a number of senior tours. More information can be found about him at a museum in his name. It is located in the Ohio State University sports complex. It is his tribute in his home town Columbus, Ohio.


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