The World Cup Begins

On July 30, 1930, the final game to the first World Cup was held in Montevideo, the capitol of Uruguay.

Fédération Internationale de Football Association President Jules Rimet had the idea to have the counties of the world compete annually to see which team was the best. The idea for the tournament was not new to the sports world in 1930. FIFA had its first meeting in 1904. The idea started to gain popularity in the 1920’s and the committee was able to start planning for the actual event.

The home team beat their neighboring rivals Argentina 4-2 in the final round of play to take the title of world champions. At the end of first half however, Argentina was winning 2-1. The United States defeated Yugoslavia for third place recognition. All of the games for the tournament were played in a record low of three stadiums, all of which were in the host city. In 2002, 20 stadiums were used. They were all in different cities.

One of the major issues faced by the committee was getting teams to go to the tournament. Many players had jobs at home and could not get away. The job factor made it hard for numerous countries to build teams. The other major road block was getting the teams to Uruguay since at the time a vast majority of transportation was by boat.

Guillermo Stabile the forward from Argentina won the Golden Shoe Award after he scored more goals then anyone else in the tournament, eight. Since the beginning the number of participating countries has increased. The tournament is held every four years in a different host country, and it is watched by millions of people from all over the world.


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