Carl Lewis Jumps to Gold

On August 6, 1984, sprinter and long jumper Carl Lewis won his second of four Olympic gold medals for the summer games in Los Angeles.

Lewis found himself matching the great Jesse Owens by claiming four gold medals in track events over the course of a single Olympic Games. He began his journey on the track as a child. At age 7, he was sprinting and at age 13 he was preforming the long jump. At age 10 he took advantage of a chance to meet and take a picture with Owens, who was his idol. Ever since that moment Lewis knew he was going to win gold.

Strong performance on the track let Lewis qualify for the 1980 Olympic games, but unfortunately the University of Houston attendee would not get the chance to compete. The US boycotted the summer games held in Moscow. Four years later he was ready for action.

The world class, first place finishes were in the 100 and 200 meter sprints, the 4×100 relay and the long jump.

Lewis went on to compete in the ’88 games in Seoul, the ’92 games in Barcelona and the ’96 games in Atlanta. He finished his career with nine gold and one silver medal in the Olympics. He is remembered as one of the greatest track athletes ever.

Tomorrow… Ted Williams spits on fans for the first time…


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