Williams Spits on his own fans

On August 7, 1956, Boston Red Sox left-fielder Ted Williams spit at fans when he came off the field after letting a fly ball hit by Mickey Mantle hit the ground, he was fined $5000.

When the ball dropped Mantle was able to get to second on the error that was charged to Williams. Yogi Berra was the next batter in line and Williams caught the ball he hit. Yet, the crowd was still booing and taunting him. He was even walked to give the Red Sox a 1-0 victory. On his way to first he threw his bat 40 feet in the air.

Williams told his manager he was sorry but he said something different to the press. “I’m not a bit sorry for what I did. I was right and I’d spit again at the same fans who booed me today. Some of them are the worst in the world. Nobody’s going to stop me from spitting.”

Shortly after the incident, the Mass. State Legislature wrote a bill to allow fans to be fined for using profanity. It never became a law.

This was not the last time Williams decided to spit on his team’s fans. It happened again on July 24, 1958. The major issue was Williams half Mexican, and many fans did not like that. They would shout racial slurs from the stands to taunt him. Many non-white players had to deal with the same issue, only Williams did not handle it in the same manor.

Come back tomorrow for an opening night rain out at Wrigley Field.


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