Tom Henke’s 300th Save

In St. Louis on August 18, 1995, Tom Henke became the seventh relief pitcher to get his 300th save.

The All-Star player saved the game in front of a home crowd despite the Atlanta Braves attempt to rally in the ninth inning. Henke started with one out to go in the eighth inning. He replaced Tony Fossas who was relieving the starter who walked away with the win, Alan Watson. The pitcher on the losing side was Kent McMichael. The score that came from this uphill battle favored the Cardinals 4-3.

Henke’s successful 14-year career consisted of 311 saves. He played for three different teams starting with the Texas Rangers who drafted him in the fourth round of the amateur draft. In 1985 he went to the Toronto Blue Jays. After the 1992 season he went back to the Rangers and for his final season, 1995, he played for the Cardinals.

He appeared in two World Series Games against the Atlanta Braves. He played in the 1987 and ’95 All-Star games. His hard work paid off, but many other players who get to milestones like Henke did, the big name players overshadow their achievements.


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