300th seasonal Strikeout for Johnson

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson became the first pitcher to ever strike out more than 300 batters in three consecutive seasons on August 23, 2001. His streak of 300 strikeouts in a season ended after the 2002 season.

The game was staged in front of the Pittsburgh Pirates home crowd. Johnson stayed in the game seven innings and struck out 16 batters.

Unfortunately for Johnson, the home team took a 5-1 victory. This was, in part, thanks to a two run home run hit by Kevin Young in the seventh inning. Each team had six runs and one error.

Johnson’s 22 year career included 10 All-Star games and five Cy Young awards. He earned these honors by winning 303 games and striking out 4,875 batters. He played for six different teams starting with the Montreal Expos who found him in the 1985 amateur draft. He went on to play with the Seattle Mariners for 10 seasons followed by one season with the Houston Astros and eight seasons with the Diamondbacks. His retirement came in 2009 after his only season with the San Francisco Giants.

Johnson is up for a Hall of Fame vote in 2015. His number has yet to be retired by any of the teams he played for. But, he is still known as one of the greatest pitchers in the history of the sport.

“I threw a lot of balls and walked a lot of batters. Not something I’m proud of, but something I learned from.” -Randy Johnson


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