Durocher goes to Houston

Leo Durocher, 65, replaced Harry Walker as manager of the Houston Astros on August 26, 1972 after he was fired by the Chicago Cubs during the All-Star break. After some controversy, he was replaced by Whitey Lockman.

Durocher had been manager of the Cubs for seven years and unlike the other teams he managed, there were no playoff appearances for his time in Chicago. With the New York Giants he led the team to the National League Pennant in 1951. The team also won the World Series in ’54. He also had a pennant to his name with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1941.

The event Durocher became well known for was when Jackie Robinson was brought to the Dodgers from the Negro League for the 1947 season. The legacy left by his controversial idea brought baseball to a new audience and a new level of competition.

Most people do not realize he pitched for the New York Yankees among other teams starting in 1925. He finished he career as a player with the Dodgers in 1945 where he was also the manager.

Durocher was added to the Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager by theĀ Veteran’s Committee in 1944.

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