Luongo signs with Canucks for 12

Goal tender Roberto Luongo signed a 12 year contract with the Vancouver Canucks for $64 million on September 2, 2009.

The deal included a no-trade clause after four successful years with the Canucks. The time with the team included playoff appearances in ’07 and ’09.

Luongo was drafted to the NHL in the first round of the ’97 draft by the New York Islanders. He did not get to play until the 1999-2000 season. The Florida Panthers took him in until 2006 when he was drafted by the Canucks as a free agent.

His success as a goalie won him the William M. Jennings trophy for the 2010-11 season. This award is presented to the goalie with the least goals scored against him during a season. Luongo had 31 goals scored against him and he shared the trophy with fellow Canuck Cory Schneider who had 24 goals scored against him.

Since his ’09 signing with the Canucks Luongo has appeared in the playoffs three times but never had the chance to put a championship ring on despite two trips to the finals.

Despite trade rumors… and threats the All-Star goalie is staying in Vancouver another season.

The Montreal native is a choice for the starting goalie for team Canada in the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. “You work hard and you want to be rewarded for your efforts. If I’m going to be there, I want to deserve it.


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