Red Sox Massacred by Yankees

September 7, 1978 was not the beginning of the historic rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees, but it was a major contributor to what the rivalry has become. This was the beginning of the Boston Massacre.

Game one of four at Fenway Park in Boston ended with the Yankees giving the Red Sox a 15-3 beating. The Yankees scored 12 runs before the Sox could score two in the fourth.

The Yankees had won the World Series the previous year and the rival Red Sox were leading the division by four games going into the four game series. The Yankees left Boston after a four game sweep with a division tie for first.

The season ended with one last game between the Yankess and Red Sox who were still tied for first in the division. The game on October 2 was held in Boston. The Red Sox held a two run lead going into the seventh inning, but the Yankees answered with four runsand never looked back. The game ended with New York inching ahead with a 5-4 lead. The Yankees went on to lose two games followed by four consecutive wins to become world champions in six games.


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