Back-to-Back Griffey Home Runs

On September 14, 1990, Ken Griffey Sr. and Ken Griffey Jr. hit back to back home runs in the first inning for the Seattle Mariners at Anaheim Stadium home of the California Angeles.

The second and third at bats of the game were hit out of the park off of Angeles pitcher Kirk McCaskill.

The father, son duo had the rare opportunity to play on Mariners together for two seasons. Not only were they on the same team but they played in the outfield together many times.

Griffey Sr. made three All-Star game appearances and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1997. His son made 13 All-Star appearances and has yet to go to Cooperstown for his own induction ceremony, but he did have his number, 24, retired last month by the Mariners.

“Well, my dad taught me that there’s three parts. There’s hitting, there’s defense, and there’s baserunning. And as long as you keep those three separated, you’re going to be a good player. I mean, you can’t take your defense on the bases, you can’t take your hitting to the field, and you can’t take your base running at the plate. But defense, is number one.” -Griffey Jr. on his father

“The butterflies will never go away when I watch him. I’m proud to see him play. Then, to see him play as well as he’s doing, that’s a dream come true.” -Griffey Sr. on his son

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