Randy Johnson’s Lefty Record

On September 15, 2004, Randy Johnson helped lead the Arizona Diamondbacks to a 3-2 victory over the Colorado Rockies at Bank One Field in Phoenix, Arizona as he became the all-time strikeout leader for left handed pitchers.

The 10 time All-Star and recipient of numerous awards including the Cy Young award five times, one with  the American League and four times while he played in the National League. His 22 year career has yet to be immortalized in Cooperstown, but will be enlargeable on the 2015 ballot. He is number two when it comes to the top lefties of all time according to the Bleacher Report. 

There have only been two left-handed pitchers to strike out 3,000 batters. Johnson struck out 4,875 batters and Philadelphia Phillies hall of famer Steve Carlton 4,136.

“When Randy pitched and we didn’t win, it was unfathomable to me.” -teammate Curt Schilling

“I threw a lot of balls and walked a lot of batters. Not something I’m proud of, but something I learned from.” -Randy Johnson


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