Browing’s perfect game

On September 16, 1988, Tom Browning pitched the 12th perfect game ever in Major League Baseball for the Cincinnati Reds.

Browning struck out seven batters in the nine innings pitched. The Los Angeles Dodgers were not able to get on base with a hit or even a walk. The losing pitcher, Tim Belcher, stayed on the mound for eight innings and let one run score off of three hits. This was the game that put Browning into the spotlight.

Browning played a vast majority of his 12 year career with the Reds. His final year in the majors, 2005, was with the Kansas City Royals. He played in 103 games and won almost 58 percent of them. He helped lead the team to take the world championship in 1990, and in 1991 he represented the Reds in the All-Star game. He worked as a special instructor for theĀ Billings Mustangs and Carolina Mudcats in the Red’s farm system in 2006. He was up for the Baseball Hall of Fame vote in 2001, but failed to get even 1% of the vote. He is also the the most recent pitcher to steal three bases in one season, but this season Dodgers pitching sensation Zack Greinke has a few starts left and the chance to get his third stolen base of the season.

In 2009 he was arrested for not paying his child support dues, his bail was posted close to $100,000.

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