This week’s history making sports-Marino Rivera’s number retired

Hi everyone, first off, thank you for your interest in my blog, it really means a lot. I wanted to try something new this week. I would like to highlight a history making event every Sunday from the previous week. “The Sandman” was presented with a guitar speaker by Metallica to commemorate the day.

This week history was made in the sporting world when Mariano Rivera‘s number, 42, was retired by the New York Yankees. His 19 years with the Yankees included 13 All-Star game appearances.

Rivera worked hard to keep his spot on the team after arm surgery during his first year, 1995, when he was given a jersey with the number 42 on the back.  Major League Baseball did not universally retire Jackie Robinson‘s 42 until 1997, leaving Rivera as the last player to wear the number. Because of the similarity Robinson became a figure he wanted to learn about as much as possible. He even got the chance to meet his role model’s wife and daughter on Jackie Robinson day 2011.

“I definitely tried to learn more about him,” Rivera says. “Everything. Just everything. The community work. The man that he was. I always used to talk with Don Zimmer when Zimmer was here. He played with him. Zimmer told me that Jackie took care of him, because Jackie was already established and Zimmer, he was just coming up. It was amazing. He always said to me, ‘The man was generous. Not just a great ballplayer.'” –Mariano Rivera


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