Special Edition-Boston Red Sox win at home

Wednesday night the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at Fenway Park in Boston for the first time in 95 years.

There were 38,447 people in attendance to witness the historic moment first hand. The series was unpredictable at times, like any other championship series, but this one was special.

The Red Sox victory marked the first time a World Series game ended with an obstruction call as well as the first ever post season game ending with a pickoff. The obstruction call in game three gave the Cardinals the 5-4 edge over the Red Sox.

One of the major players for the Red Sox was David Ortiz, who is more widely known as “Big Papi.” He is being regarded as a hero in Boston because of his plays on the field as well as his involvement off the field. The future hall of famer started his career in 1997 with the Minnesota Twins. The team never found a good place for him in their club. He went to Boston in 2004 and the outcome of the move could not have been better. He helped lead the team to eight separate post season appearances. The Red Sox franchise was awarded with championship rings for three of the last ten seasons, so much for the curse.

Another major event hosted in Boston on Wednesday was the marathon. After April’s unfortunate event, security was tight but it did not stop the runners from celebrating as they received the news of the Red Sox win.

“You can’t say enough about him. Obviously, David, he’s a freak. He’s like a superhero. He’s like that in real life, too, and I think that’s why everything about him is so endearing, because he is a genuine person and people here love him, and there’s a reason why.” Boston Righthander Josh Beckett on MLB.com

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