OJ’s 303 yard day

On October 4, 1970, O.J. Simpson scored two touchdowns, had three receptions and totaled 303 yards between offensive rushing and receiving and kickoff returns.

Simpson helped the Buffalo Bills beat the New York Jets 34-31 at War Memorial Stadium.

It just so happens to be the anniversary of the announcement of Simpson being found innocent of the charges of a double murder.

Simpson had his name tarnished and is remembered for the trial, but no one remembers his 11 year hall of fame football career. He played for the University of Southern California for two years. He was voted runner up for the Heisman trophy in 1967, and won it in ’68.

The Bills picked him up with the first pick in the first round of the ’69 draft. He played for the San Francisco 49ers for the last two years of his career, 1978 and ’79.  He played in six Pro-bowls and was elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985.

His greatness, unfortunately, has been tarnished by accusations. He will always be remembered for the ’95 trial rather than his outstanding football career, both college and pro. Recently, he found himself in trouble with the law again, and was found guilty of a number of charges just to further tarnish his former reputation.


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