The Ricketts take Wrigley from the Tribune

On October 27, 2009, the final documents were signed to transfer the ownership of the Chicago Cubs from the Chicago Tribune to the Ricketts family.

Tom and the rest of the Ricketts family promised to move the team in a positive direction, it has been four years and we have yet to see a season where the team has finished by winning 50 per-cent of their games. They have added spots for advertisements around the field and have not put enough money into adding new prospects to improve the team.

The fans were even threatened with moving the team to Rosemont, Illinois where they would have a large property with parking lots and hopefully the Ivy. But, luckily they decided to put pressure on the city to allow renovations and keep the Cubs where they have been for so many years. Even if it is on the Indian burial ground and other issues include the curse of the Bambino, the Billy Goat and the black cat (among others), Wrigley is home. And honestly, if the cursed Red Sox could pull through and win the World Series, so can the cursed Cubs. As a life long fan I will always cheer for the Cubs no mater what, but the Ricketts family need to do what is necessary for the team to be successful, not just their pockets. The addition of a big red Toyota sign is an example of this, honestly it has just become a big sore thumb for the stadium, and with the renovation, there are many more like it to come. The funny part about this is the Historic Monument could be destroyed like old Comiskey and Soldier Field.

“Future investment in projects in the Wrigleyville community hinges on the approval of the sign. I have a lot of other dollars that can be invested in Wrigleyville, or not.” – Tom Ricketts on the Toyota sign


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