Magic Johnson retires after HIV diagnosis

On November 7, 1991, Magic Johnson retired from the National Basketball Association after finding out he contracted HIV.

Johnson played his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers. It started in 1979 when he was the first pick in the first round of the amateur draft. The Michigan native hailed from Michigan State University. He started playing with the Lakers in 79. Unfortunately, his career was shortened due to illness. It could have been He came back for the 1995-96 season for 32 games.

Johnson participated in 12 All-Star games throughout his career. The NBA named him the Most Valuable Player of the finals and NBA MVP three times each. At Michigan he was named Final Four Most Outstanding Player in 1979. His Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony took place in 2002. The Lakers retired his number, 32  in February of 1992.

“I tell you, it’s funny because the only time I think about HIV is when I have to take my medicine twice a day.” -Magic Johnson on HIV


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