Joe Theismann’s career ending blow

On November 18, 1985, Joe Theismann, quarterback of the Washington Redskins, suffered a career ending injury when he was sacked by Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants. He was carted off the field with a broken leg.

The game held in Washington D.C. at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium resulted in a 23-21 Redskins victory over the Giants. Jay Schroeder took over for Theismann to finish the game and became the Redskins starter remainder of the season. He kept the job through game the teams tenth game of the 1987 season.

Theismann played for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame for three seasons before entering the pros. He received the second most votes for the Heisman trophy in 1970.  The Miami Dolphins chose him in the fourth round of the 1971 NFL draft. He went directly to the Redskins. He started playing with the team in 1974 and became the regular starter in 76. His career ended with 77 wins and 47 losses. The All-Star player rode the Redskins through eight playoff games, and won six of them.

“No matter how great you are, the next great one is already sitting there waiting to take your place.” -Joe Theismann

WARNING! GRAPHIC! Here is a video of the last play of Theismann’s career.

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