Canadian Football finishes for 2013

Last night the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats took on the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the 101st Grey Bowl. I am highlighting a previous game equivalent to the National Football League’s Super Bowl, with a much smaller audience. The Roughriders won the game 45-23.

There are a few differences between the CFL and the NFL. In Canada the field is 110 yards compared to 100 in the States. The Canadians play with a 2 yard end zone with the field goal post in the front of it while Americans play with a 10 yard end zone and the field goal is in the back. Up north they play with 12 men on the field for each team and the slotbacks are allowed to run before the snap.

The scoring is also slightly different. The offense can still score six points for a touchdown followed by either an extra point or a two point conversion. A field goal is still three points but there are ways to score one. The differences is the ability to score one point a number of different ways. Both American and Canadian football evolved from rugby.

On November 25, 1979, the Edmonton Eskimos played against the Montreal Alouettes for the third consecutive season. The Eskimos took a 20-13 victory over the Alouettes. The win put the Eskimos up in the series 2-1.

In 1909 the Governor-General of Canada, Earl Grey donated a trophy to the Canada Rugby Union for the championship game. The trophy has been known as the Grey Trophy ever since. Teams exclusive to the CFL have been competing for the award since 1954.


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