Cris Carter’s 1,000th career catch

On November 30, 2000, Minnesota Viking Cris Carter became the second wide receiver in the National Football League to catch 1,000 passes.

Carter’s career began when he was chosen by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 1987 NFL supplemental draft at age 22.  He stayed in Philly for three seasons and shipped off to Minnesota to play with the Vikings. After 12 seasons in Minneapolis he retired, but it only lasted a couple months. In October 2002 he came back to play with the Miami Dolphins. He retired from football after his season in Florida.

The Ohio State University Alum was originally going to college to play football and basketball, but his talent as a receiver surpassed any other athletic endeavor. He decided to stick with football for three years before signing with an agent and becoming ineligible for his senior season. When he was drafted into the big leagues it took him a while to get his numbers up to the expectations people originally had for him. The Eagles were not able to utilize him. When he got to Minnesota it took a couple seasons before he became a priority for the team.

As a member of the 1998 Vikings, he helped the team get to a team record of 15 wins and one loss by rushing over 1,000 yards. His only chance to go to the Super Bowl was swiped away when the team lost the NFC championship to the Atlanta Falcons in an overtime heart breaker.

Carter was a part of eight Pro Bowl teams. He was presented with The Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 1999 for outstanding leadership both on and off the field. The Ohio native started 209 games throughout his career, 14 of them were playoff games. The 2013 Football Hall of Fame inductee also had eight straight 1,000 rushing yard seasons.

The only player to join the 1,000 catch club before Carter was Jerry Rice who made his 1,000th catch in November of 1996. Now, nine wide receivers have caught 1,000 passes in the NFL. Carter has the fourth most career catches in NFL history with 1,101.

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