Jason White’s Heisman days

On December 13, 2003, University of Oklahoma Sooners quarterback, Jason White was presented with the Heisman Trophy to cap off the third complete season of his college football career.

White took part in three bowl games with the Sooners. In 2002 he lead the team to the Rose Bowl where they beat Washington State 34-14. In 2003 they went to the Sugar Bowl where they lost to Louisiana State University 21-14. As a fifth year senior the team took a 55-19 loss to University of Southern California in the Orange Bowl. A knee injury during college cut his sophomore and junior season short as well as preventing him from having a successful career in the NFL.

Aside from getting the Heisman in 2003, White was named AP Player of the year, Big 12 Offensive player of the year and was the Consensus All-American. In 2004 he was awarded with the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award for most outstanding senior quarterback. Even with all of his prestigious awards, he became one of only three Heisman Trophy recipients to not get chosen in the NFL draft. One of the two Heisman winners is Pete Dawkins who won the award in 1958 and was a running back for Army. The other is Charlie Ward who was quarterback for Florida State and won the award in 1993.

The Heisman Trophy is known to be the highest honor in college football. It does not only recognize the individuals talent but the hard work a player puts into being the best they can be. The organization raises money to create opportunities for young athletes to achieve their dreams.


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