Basketball’s most one sided game

On December 17, 1991, the Cleveland Cavaliers made history when they played the Miami Heat, and won 148-80, the game resulted in the biggest blowout ever in the National Basketball League.

The high scorer for the Heat, Steve Smith, made seven out of 13 shots, giving his team 15 points. The team’s highest scorer for the season was Glen Rice, he shot 3-for-8 and only gave the team nine points. He averaged 22 points a game. As a whole Miami made 33 shots out of the 93 they attempted.

Both Mark Price who shot 8-for-10 and John Battle who shot 7-for-11 gave the Cavaliers 18 points. The team scored on 59 of 103 attempts. Forward Winston Bennett was the only starter on the team to play more than 30 minutes.

At the end of the first quarter the Cavaliers were up 34-24 and at the half time buzzer they were had a 73-53 lead. The beating worsened in the second half. Cleveland scored 33 points in the third quarter and Miami came up with 14. Miami lost the game by 68 points.

The Heat were given the eighth seed in the  Eastern Conference and were swept by Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls in the first round. The Cavaliers finished third and played the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals, they stretched the series to six games.


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