Red Kerr breaks record for consecutive game play

On December 28, 1963, Philadelphia 76er Johnny “Red” Kerr played his 707th straight game to take the record from Dolph Schayes as the team took a 114-100 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers in Philadelphia.

Kerr only missed three games in his career. They were all during his second season. The University of Illinois graduate was chosen by the Syracuse Nationals in the first round of the 1954 draft. The team moved to Philadelphia after the 1962-63 season and he stayed with them until the end of the 1964-65 season. For his final season, he played with the Baltimore Bullets. Following his run in the NBA he was given a chance to coach the Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

After finishing four seasons of coaching Kerr became a legendary radio broadcaster who was known for his one-liners.

The record for most consecutive games played in the NBA was taken from Kerr by Randy Smith whose streak ended at 906 games and A.C. Green who holds record with 1,192 games. Green went almost 14 seasons without missing a game and the record is expected to stand for a long time. Kerr went to drastic measures at times to continue playing every game. At one point he packed snow from his driveway into his shoe to prevent further damage to his sprained ankle.

Kerr passed away in 2009, after battling cancer.

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