The Fog Bowl

On December 31, 1988, the Philadelphia Eagles suffered a 20-12 loss to the Chicago Bears in a playoff game at Soldier Field in Chicago, and by the end of the first half it would be among the top ten worst weather games played in the NFL.

The game started at a 25 degrees Fahrenheit, the wind-chill factor made it feel like it was 17 and the humidity stood at 84 percent. It was a beautiful day for a football game, or so everyone thought.

A dense fog started to fall onto the field at the two minute warning in the first half. At the time the Bears were winning the game 17-6.  Sometimes it was so dense, people could hardly see 20 feet in front of them.  Many fans left because they could not see what was happening on the field. But people like Bears season ticket holder Mary-Lou Leidheiser took the opportunity to get closer to the field.

According to Bears middle linebacker Mike Singletary, when he was on the field the coaches were barely visible, but once he got to the sideline, all there seemed to be on the field was a big block of fog.  “It was the best game that a player could ever play, because you could do horribly and tell the coach your doing great,” Singletary said.

The announcers could not see what was happening on the field so they put two hand held cameras at field level to let them follow the game, at least a little. The game was almost called short because the referees were having trouble making proper calls and seeing how far the ball had to go for the offense to get a first down.

Another game with a very similar weather issue was the 1962 Grey Cup.

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