Bjorn Borg turns to retirement

On January 22, 1983, 26-year-old superstar Bjorn Borg retired from tennis after playing professionally 10 years.

Borg retired at an unusually young age because his career took a hard turn in late 1982. His record of five straight wins at Wimbledon turned into a struggle to win a match.  He told his family and friends about his decision in ’82 but hoped he could regain control of his game by January. Once he decided he was past his prime he made the announcement of his retirement public.

During his  career Borg also won the French Open five times totaling 11 Grand Slam titles. He also claimed the Davis Cup seven times. In 1981, during Wimbledon he also set the record for most consecutive match wins at 31. His Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held in 1987.

Borg’s interest in tennis was sparked when his father won a tennis racket at a ping pong match. The Swedish native was given the racket and he went on to become one of the greats in the sport. His attempts to get back on the court  in 1991, 1992 and 1993 were unsuccessful.

Borg, now 57, lives outside of Stockholm and still enjoys playing tennis with his family. He wears his hair is a little shorter than it was in his prime and a little grayer. His self named company produces everything from sportswear to fragrances but it is most well known for it’s underwear. The company uses sustainable material and even recycles because of the importance of being a good citizen.

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