500 goals for Stan Mikita

On February 27, 1977, Chicago Blackhawks center Stan Mikita scored his 500th goal in a 4-3 home loss to the Vancouver Canucks with 14,500 fans watching and six minutes left in the third period.

Cesare Maniago was the goalie for the Canucks when Mikita got the puck in the net. He scored 41 more goals before his 22 season run in the National Hockey League was over.

Mikita, a native of Sokolce, Czechoslovakia, spent his entire career in the NHL with the Blackhawks. It started in with the 1958-59 season, when he was 18. In his final season he played 17 games before hanging his skates up.

Mikita did not always live the life of a successful hockey player. As a child, he was forced to make some big moves including a jump across the pond. He ended up at his aunt’s house in Ontario, Canada right before the iron curtain came down. His life did not get easy after the big move. As a child he did not speak much English and was subject to racial discrimination on a regular basis.

Despite being small for a hockey player, Mikita never shied away from big hits. He was even the first player to be awarded with the Art Ross, Hart Memorial and Lady Byng trophies in a single season and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983.

http://espn.go.com/classic/s/moment010227mikita.html (ESPN Clasic- Mikita’s 500th goal) http://www.hockey-fans.com/players/mikita.php (hockey fans biography)

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