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The last at bat for Ted Williams

On September 28, 1960, Ted Williams stepped up for his last career at bat, resulting in his 521st and final home run and a 5-4 Boston Red Sox home victory over the Baltimore Orioles. The final swing of the bat for Williams came in the bottom of the eighth inning. Jack Fischer delivered the pitch […]

The NHL Adopts Icing

On September 24, 1937, the National Hockey League’s Board of Governors tried to put an end to “icing” while they were holding the League’s semi-annual meeting. The call would be made if a player on a team of equal strength or higher (on a power play) and the defending goalie is in the crease. The […]

The Ladies Join the Pros

On September 23, 1992, Manon Rheaume became the first female to play in any major North American sports team when she came in to guard the goal in a scrimmage for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Rheaume left the game after one period, with the score tied at two. She blocked seven of nine shots taken by […]

Blackhawks in prep mode for upcoming season

Rules and Rookies: A look at the Blackhawks  Click the link above to read my latest article on about the Chicago Blackhawks and find out what they need to get done before the regular season starts.