A walk-off World Series win

On October 23, 1993,  Toronto Blue Jay, Joe Carter became the second player in Major League Baseball to help his team to a World Championship with a walk-off home run.

Carter’s three run homer gave the Blue Jays a 8-6 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies in game six of the series.

Devon White, Paul Molitor and John Olerud scored in the first, giving the Blue Jays a 3-0 advantage. Each team scored one run in the fourth, making the score and Molitor hit a solo home run in the fifth, making the score 5-1.

The Phillies tied the game by scoring five runs in the seventh putting themselves at a 6-5 advantage. Just when it looked like the series might go to game seven, Carter hit the home run to end the series.

Carter was awarded the Silver Slugger award twice, made one All-Star appearance, and is not a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. But, he did claim two championship rings with the Blue Jays and hit the ball finalizing the journey to one of those rings.

“I was having a bad Series at the plate. Just awful. All I was looking for was a pitch to put into to play. Get a good look at it and take an ugly swing. I never, ever thought that ball I hit would leave the park. It was a moment and a swing that will be with me forever .“ – Joe Carter



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