Michael Jordan is back…. again

On October 30, 2001, basketball superstar Michael Jordan came out of his three year retirement to join the Washington Wizards lost 93-91 to the New York Nicks.

Jordan made seven of 21 field goal attempts and scored 19 points in his return. The Wizards led 43-40 half time but were unable to maintain a lead in the third quarter. The Nicks scored 26 to the Wizards 18. Washington scored 30 to New York’s 26 but could not seal the deal.

Chicago Bulls General Manager Jerry Krause and Coach Jackson butted heads and lead head coach Phil Jackson to leave for the Los Angeles Lakers. As a result, Jordan said he lost the drive to play.

Jordan was 99.9 per-cent sure he would not return to the sport, making him .1 per-cent right.

In 2000, Jordan became part-owner of the Wizards and started the rebuilding process. He hired former Bulls coach Doug Collins and got in shape for free agency.

In January 2002, he scored his 30,000 point against his former team, the Chicago Bulls. However, he was unable to go back to his old championship winning self.

Jordan’s third and final retirement was on April 16, 2003 and is know not only as a legend of his time but one of the greatest to set foot on a professional court. He claimed six championship rings with the Bulls, 10 time All-Star was a five time MVP.


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