All hail Doug Flutie

On November 23, 1984, Doug Flutie accumulated 472 passing yards as he led the No. 10 Boston College Eagles to a 47-45 victory over the No. 12 Miami Hurricanes.

The game became known as Hail Flutie after the quarterback’s miraculous effort in the final seconds of the game to put the Eagles ahead.

Boston had a 28-21 lead at the end of the first half. Miami fought back to take a 45-41 lead thanks to Melvin Bratton who scored his fourth touchdown of the game in the final minute of play.

The Eagles had two time outs left and 22 seconds on the clock with 80 yards separating the ball from the end zone. All hope seemed to be lost for Boston College. Even head coach Jack Bicknell said, “I assumed we had lost.”

After three plays, Boston had the ball on the Miami 48 and six seconds to make a miracle happen.

Flutie had three wide receivers ready to go. He launched the ball with his last chance to bring the Eagles to victory.The ball sailed from Flutie, between Miami two defensive backs and landed in the hands of split end, Gerald Phelan who was in the end zone.

Watch the final play of the game here:

The Eagles finished the season 10-2 and fifth in the AP Poll. Flutie threw over 3600 yards and 30 touchdowns. He helped Boston College to a 45-28 Cotton Bowl victory over the Houston Cougars. His stellar performance throughout the season earned him a consensus all-American title alongside the Heisman Memorial Trophy.

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