Montana hits 40,000 yards

On November 27, 194, Joe Montana, became the fifth quarterback to reach the 40,000 yard mark in passing after throwing 163.

The Seattle Seahawks claimed a 10-9 victory over Montana and the Kansas City Chiefs in the Seattle Kingdome.

Lin Elliot scored field goals in the first, second and fourth quarters for the Chiefs.

Steve Smith rushed two yards for a touchdown and with a good kick by John Kasay, the Seahawks took a 7-6 lead. Kasay’s 32 yard field goal later in the quarter gave the Seahawks the edge.

Montana was playing the last of 15 seasons with the National Football League. He was selected in the third round of the 1979 NFL draft by the San Francisco 49ers and boosted the team to four Super Bowl victories in four appearances.

In 1993, Montana went to the Chiefs. He played in Kansas City for two seasons.

The eight time Pro-Bowler finished his career with 40,551 passing yards. Upon retirement he was ranked fourth in career passing yards and he is currently ranked 13th. Eli Manning (38,178) and Ben Roethlisberger (37,375) are the two current players closest to passing Montana.

Montana missed the entire 1991 and much of the ’92 season, totaling 31 games, after suffering an injury to his throwing arm. His triumphant comeback in the second half of the ’92 season finale gave the 49ers a Monday night 24-6 victory over the Detroit Lions.

In December of 1997 Montana became the eighth 49er to have their number retired. The legend was honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2000. He was the NFL MVP twice and the Super Bowl MVP three times.

“Yeah, I think it motivates you as people start to count you out. It doesn’t make you play any harder, because every time you go out on the field you give 110 percent, but it does give you more of an edge mentally, knowing that you were in the same situation, because in sports you always find yourself behind.” -Joe Montana

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