Marino throws 40

On Decemer 2, 1984, Miami Dolphin’s quarterback Dan Marino threw his 40th touchdown pass of the season in a 45-34 Los Angeles Raiders victory at the Orange Bowl.

The Raiders managed to get on the board first. Mike Haynes made a 97 yard return off of an interception. By the end of the first quarter, a four yard pass from Marino and an extra point tied the game at 7. The Raiders led 17-13 going into half time.

Marino threw two touchdown passes to Mark Clayton in the third quarter. He went into the fourth quarter with a 27-24 lead over the Raiders.

The Raider’s third offensive touchdown came in the fourth quarter with a 75 yard  pass received by Dokie Williams. It put the Raiders ahead, and the Dolphins were unable to catch up despite one more touchdown pass from Marino.

The 1984 Dolphins went on to become conference champions and lose the Super Bowl to the San Francisco 49ers. They finished the season 16-3.

Marino finished the season with a record 48 touchdown passes and is currently fourth in the books. Peyton Manning was the first quarterback to take the record from Marino by throwing 49 in 2004. Tom Brady threw 50 in 2007. Manning came back in 2013 with 55 and currently holds the record.

The 2005 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee was the Dolphin’s 1983 first round draft pick and played in Miami for all 17 seasons. He  played in nine Pro Bowls and one Super Bowl. By the end of his career, Marino threw 420 touchdown passes. He has only been passed by Brett Farve (508) and Peyton Manning (527).

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