Miami’s epic comeback and defeat

On January 2, 1982, the San Diego Chargers claimed a 41-38 overtime victory over the Miami Dolphins in Miami in the division championship.

The Dolphins suffered as they went scoreless in the first quarter and the Chargers scored three touchdowns and a field goal, totaling 24.

(Video: YouTube Chanel- Graham Smeaton)

The Dolphins got on the board with a 34 yard field goal by Uwe von Schamann in the second quarter. Miami went on to dominate the second quarter with touchdowns scored by Joe Rose and Tony Nathan, making the score 24-17 in favor of the Chargers.

Miami continued their point streak with a touchdown by Joe Rose to open the second half. Kellen Winslow helped the Chargers answer back with another touchdown. A 50 yard pass from Dolphins quarterback, Don Strock landed in the hands of Bruce Hardy, tying the game at 31 going into the fourth quarter.

In the fourth quarter, Troy Nathan rushed 12 yards for a touchdown, giving the Dolphins the lead. Dan Fouts connected with James Brooks on a nine yard pass to tie the game at 38 and sending it to overtime.

Rolf Benirschke won the game for the Chargers with a 29 yard field goal.

Dolphins quarterback, Don Strock threw 403 yards, four touchdowns and had the ball intercepted once. Chargers quarterback, Dan Fouts threw 433 yards, three touchdowns and had the ball intercepted once.

The game went in the books as one of the greatest NFL games ever played. The Chargers went on to lose 27-7 to the Cincinnati Bangles in the Conference Championship.

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