Three brothers, three points

On January 3, 1943, Chicago Blackhawks left wing, Reggie Bentley scored a goal with assists by his brothers Doug and Max, as they became the only family to get all three points in one goal in a 3-3 tie with the New York Rangers.

Reggie played one season in the NHL. The goal backed by his brothers was the only time he got the puck in the net. His brothers, on the other hand, were graced with hall of fame careers. Despite being the oldest of the three, he was the last of the brothers to break into the NHL.

Unlike Reggie’s successful brothers who each played 13 seasons, he lasted 11 games. After his short stand in the NHL, he went on to play nine seasons of professional hockey in five different professional leagues.

Max played six seasons with the Blackhawks, six with the Toronto Maple Leafs and one with the New York Rangers. He accumulated 544 points by getting 245 goals and 299 assists. While playing with the Maple Leafs he also accumulated three Stanley Cup rings.

Doug played 12 were with the Blackhawks and he was reunited with his brother, Max, for one season with the New York Rangers. With 219 goals and and 324 assists, he totaled 543 points. Despite five post season appearances, all with the Blackhawks, he never walked away with a ring.

The brothers, who hail from DeLisle, Saskatchewan, had three other brothers and seven sisters. Doug and Max were both rejected by three NHL teams before the Blackhawks picked them up. The team was struggling at the time. All they were looking for was decent players to build from but luck was on their side when they found the young stars. The duo set scoring records and and were legends of their time.

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