Monthly Archives: September 2013

Football becomes colorful

On September 29, 1951, the wonderful world of sports took a huge step forward as the first ever color broadcast of a football game was aired. The game was between University of California and University of Pennsylvania at Franklin Field in Philadelphia. California, ranked fifth in the nation, beat 19th ranked Pennsylvania 35-0. The world […]

This week’s history making sports-Marino Rivera’s number retired

Hi everyone, first off, thank you for your interest in my blog, it really means a lot. I wanted to try something new this week. I would like to highlight a history making event every Sunday from the previous week. “The Sandman” was presented with a guitar speaker by Metallica to commemorate the day. This […]

Ted Williams’ last stand

On September 28, 1960, Ted Williams stepped up to the plate for his last at bat and hit his 521st and final home run in a 5-4 Red Sox home win against the Baltimore Orioles. The final swing of the bat for Williams in the bottom of the eighth inning put the cap on his […]

First for Gehrig

On September 27, 1923, Lou Gehrig hit his first career home run off of Boston Red Sox pitcher Bill Piercy at Fenway Park in Boston to help the Yankees win the game 8-3. Gehrig played for the Yankees for all 17 years of his career. His dedication to the sport was obvious when he played […]

A step in the door for female reporters

On September 26, 1978, NY District Court Judge Constance Baker Motley made a ruling allowing female sports reporters to enter male locker rooms. Many female reporters wanted an equal opportunity when it came to getting the best stories with the best quotes, but their inability to get into the locker room prevented them from getting immediate […]

The Final Additions to the Origional Six

On September 25, 1926, the Chicago Blackhawks  and Detroit Cougars were granted franchises in the National Hockey League. The Cougars changed their name to the Red Wings. The Cougars won the Stanley Cup in 1925 and made an appearance in the final round in ’26. The 1927 season was completely different, the team finished dead last.  Aside […]

First Ever Tennis Grand Slam

On September 24, 1938, Don Budge won the U.S. Open and became the first person to win all four major titles in a single year, known as a grand slam. The California native was best known for his backhand. He was the singles champion at the Australian Championship and the French Open in 1938. He […]